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Fri Nov 16, 1984

Squirrel Killer

I returned to Fargo in the winter of 1986, a member of the Duluth Central, we were coming out for a tournament at Concordia College... something I loved to do: argue. I listened to what coach Jack Armstrong had to say... In my first year I invited David Schramm to cross-town rival, Denfeld... my partner Corey Stewart and I... against Denfeld’s Eric Rapp, like Potsy and Ralph the Malph and I was was eager to quash them in front of Dave. Squirrel Killers is a book of... he actually read one piece that was in FAVOR of enterprise zones!” I turned to Corey and shrugged, embarrassed... all the great wars this country has fought, the Revolutionary war, the civil war, the world war 1, and the second one, too, and. some judges actually fell for... More...

10:38 pm